Machine Mix Advantage

The production activities start from machining, fabrication using TIG/MIG/Aluminum welding with qualified welders to manufacture products like Human Decompression Chambers, Rapid Recompressing Chambers and Aerospace Applications.

The fully equipped production floor boasts of Plano Milling Machines, CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, CNC Vertical Machining Centre, CNC 5 Axis Machining Centre, Turning Centres, Turn Mill Centre, Gantry Type Machine, AutoClave (3m dia x 7m length), Clean Room-10,000 Class Water Jet Cutting 3D Prinintg FTP, Floor Boring, H Boring and Tool Rooms Conventional Machinery.



  • Swiss, Japan US make machines
  • 3D Printing using FDM (Plastics and DLMS)
  • Powder Metallurgy

Fabrication of Light/Heavy Weight Components

Use of Advanced Composite material including

  • Glass Fibre
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Kevlar

Sophisticated Large Autoclaves

Moulds for composite fabrication.

Processes ranging from Manual Wet Lamination to processing of facility